Biceps Tenodesis

The goal of biceps tenodesis surgery is to cut the tendon free from the top of the shoulder and re-attach it to the upper arm.

Goal of Surgery

Biceps Tendonitis at the shoulder is a slow onset repetitive strain injury of the shoulder injury caused by activities like pitching or swimming. 

The goal of biceps tenodesis surgery is to cut the tendon free from the top of the shoulder and re-attach it to the upper arm.

Pre-Surgical Planning

Depending on your age, Dr Gupta will choose between a smaller arthroscopic technique, or a stronger, slightly larger, mini open technique.

  • Arthroscopic technique is for older patients who are experiencing shoulder pain from multiple sources
  • Mini open technique is for athletic patients who perform repetitive high demand shoulder movements

Arthroscopic Biceps Tenodesis

This procedure is useful in shoulder degeneration cases where biceps tendonitis is just one of the reasons for shoulder pain. Other reasons for shoulder pain may be boney spurs in the shoulder causing abrasion, or a rotator cuff tear. In this case, the biceps tendon is caught with a suture before it is cut free from its attachment at the shoulder. It is then anchored back to the upper arm close to where it was cut with a soft tissue anchor.

Mini Open Biceps Tenodesis

This procedure commences with the suturing of the long head of the biceps tendon arthroscopically before cutting and releasing it from its attachment at the shoulder. Dr Gupta then makes a mini open cut in the upper arm over the bicipital groove where he will use an interferrence screw to firmly resecure the tendon to the upper arm.

If you are suffering biceps tendonitis and don't know what to do, Dr Gupta can offer advice or a second opinion if you are uncertain. Contact Dr Gupta on 02 9687 8344 or make an online booking here.

Surgical Scarring

Key hole surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which will cause little to no scarring. Dr Gupta is a specialist shoulder surgeon with a back ground in micro-surgery. You will have one of the best at your service to to manage the smallest scar possible, despite your condition.


Post Surgery

You should expect the following after surgery;

  • Drowsy and swollen
  • Pain, decreasing over 6 weeks after the operation
  • You will see Dr Gupta again about 2 weeks after your operation
  • You will be in a sling for up to 6 weeks
  • You should complete rehab with a Physiotherapist following Dr Gupta's Biceps Tenodesis Protocol
  • You will see Dr Gupta again about 3 months after your operation

Dr Gupta has a proven track record of successful surgical outcome and will talk to you further about your condition at your initial consultation. To book an appointment with Dr Gupta, call 02 9687 8344 or make a priority booking online here.