Capsular Release

The goal of surgery is to break down scar tissue which is too stubborn or too painful to respond to vigorous stretching.

Goal of Surgery

Frozen shoulder is a painful shoulder condition with associated stiffness. Surgery is indicated in only a small number of candidates who have extreme suffering and loss of shoulder movement.

The goal of surgery is to break down scar tissue which is too stubborn or too painful to respond to vigorous stretching. Surgical capsular release can help go beyond the possibilities of non-surgical treatment.

Pre-Surgical Planning

Depending on the amount of scar tissue present, Dr Gupta will choose between manipulation under anaesthetic (MUH) or capsular release.

  • Manipulation under Anaesthetic
  • Capsular Release

Manipulation Under Anaesthetic (MUH)

This procedure is performed while the patient is asleep, under anaesthetic, and allows Dr Gupta to perform a vigorous manipulation and stretch into the scar tissue of the frozen shoulder. Since shoulder surgery can cause frozen shoulder in some, this treatment offers a powerful non-surgical approach to the condition.

Capsular Release

For those patients simply not responding to any form of non-surgical treatment, arthroscopic shoulder capsular release is a procedure that Dr Gupta performs to cut away and release stubborn scar tissue. 

If you are suffering with frozen shoulder and don't know what to do, Dr Gupta can offer advice or a second opinion if you are uncertain. Contact Dr Gupta on 02 9687 8344 or make an online booking here.

Surgical Scarring

Key hole surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which will cause little to no scarring. Dr Gupta is a specialist shoulder surgeon with a back ground in micro-surgery. You will have one of the best at your service to to manage the smallest scar possible, despite your condition.

Post Surgery

You should expect the following after surgery;

  • Drowsy and swollen
  • Strong pain, decreasing over 6 weeks after the operation
  • You will see Dr Gupta again about 2 weeks after your operation
  • You will be in a collar and cuff sling as required
  • You should complete rehab with a Physiotherapist following Dr Gupta's Post Op Capsular Release Protocol
  • You will see Dr Gupta again about 3 months after your operation

Dr Gupta has a proven track record of successful surgical outcome and will talk to you further about your condition at your initial consultation. To book an appointment with Dr Gupta, call 02 9687 8344 or make a priority booking online here.