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Elbow Replacement

The goal of elbow replacement surgery is to replace the damaged joint surfaces with prosthetic ones.

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    Goal of Surgery

    Elbow Arthritis involves long term damage to the shiny surface of the ball and socket of the elbow joint causing increasing pain and loss of movement. When pain becomes too much, its time for an elbow joint replacement. Similarly, major trauma like severe fracture may cause major elbow joint damage. The goal of elbow replacement surgery is to replace the damaged joint surfaces with prosthetic ones. The type of prosthesis selected will depend on the patients age and how much of the joint is affected.

    Pre-Surgical Planning

    Dr Gupta will choose between a prosthesis according to your age and the activities important to you.

    • Younger patients benefit most from a half or hemi elbow replacement
    • Older patients suffering severe elbow arthritis benefit most from total elbow replacement

    Partial Elbow Replacement Hemi (half) arthroplasty (joint replacement) is the least traumatic of elbow replacements, where only the joint surface of the ulnar is replaced with a small prosthesis. Bone quality of the upper arm is generally very good and removing only the worse surface of the joint spares additional trauma caused by surgery. Total Elbow Replacement Requires the surgeon to take away all joint surfaces of the elbow, in preparation for the new prostheses. A total elbow is the preferred prosthesis of choice in older patients suffering severe elbow arthritis, or who have had major fracture damage of the elbow. If you are suffering elbow arthritis and don’t know what to do, Dr Gupta can offer advice or a second opinion if you are uncertain. Contact Dr Gupta on 02 9687 8344 or make and online booking here; Surgical Scarring There’s no easy way to remove the elbow joint without making an incision about the same size as your elbow or a little larger. Dr Gupta is a specialist elbow surgeon with a back ground in micro-surgery. You will have one of the best at your service to to manage the smallest scar possible, despite your condition.

    Post Surgery

    You should expect the following after surgery;

    • Drowsy and swollen
    • Strong pain, decreasing over 6 weeks after the operation
    • You will see Dr Gupta again about 2 weeks after your operation
    • You should complete rehab with a Physiotherapist following Dr Gupta’s Post Op Total Elbow Replacement Protocol
    • You will see Dr Gupta again about 3 months after your operation

    Dr Gupta has a proven track record of successful surgical outcome and will talk to you further about your condition at your initial consultation. To book an appointment with Dr Gupta, call 02 9687 8344 or make a priority booking online here.

    Dr Manish Gupta | MBBS FRACS FAOrthoA

    Dr Manish Gupta | MBBS FRACS FAOrthoA

    Dr Manish Gupta is a renowned expert surgeon in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery specialising in Upper Limb including Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist.

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