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AC Joint Stabilisation

The goal of AC joint stabilisation surgery is to bring the collar bone back to the AC joint of the shoulder and to fix it there.

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    Goal of Surgery

    AC Joint Separation is a sudden injury caused by falling onto or impacting the top of the shoulder, causing the collar bone to separate from the AC joint. Surgery is indicated in only a small number of candidates who have extreme suffering and loss of shoulder movement. The goal of AC joint stabilisation surgery is to bring the collar bone back to the AC joint of the shoulder and to fix it there.

    Pre-Surgical Planning

    Depending on the amount of separation of the collar bone from the AC joint, and for patient specific reasons, Dr Gupta will choose to bring the collar bone back to the AC joint by using either a synthetic graft or an allograft.

    • Synthetic graft is a low profile graft used in most cases by itself or in conjunction with a biological graft
    • Allograft is a biological graft, usually from the tissue bank, that is used to strengthen a synthetic graft stabilisation of the AC joint

    Synthetic Graft A synthetic graft is always a limited choice in surgical repair. Unlike biological repair, synthetic substitutes typically have a limited time before failure. Dr Gupta always uses synthetic grafts as an augmentation to biological repair, meaning the synthetic graft only acts as a scaffold until biological tissue can grow over it and hold other structures securely. Allograft Since taking a patient’s own graft during surgery would cause additional unnecessary trauma, it can be quite easily taken from another source like from a tissue bank. Using an allograft for AC Joint stabilisation is a good way in some cases to ensure biological repair of the condition and ensure longevity of the surgical repair. If you are suffering with an AC joint separation injury and don’t know what to do, Dr Gupta can offer advice or a second opinion if you are uncertain. Contact Dr Gupta on 02 9687 8344 or make an online booking hereSurgical Scarring Keyhole surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which will cause little to no scarring. Dr Gupta is a specialist shoulder surgeon with a background in microsurgery. You will have one of the best at your service to to manage the smallest scar possible, despite your condition.

    Post Surgery

    You should expect the following after surgery;

    • Drowsy and swollen
    • Strong pain, decreasing over 6 weeks after the operation
    • You will see Dr Gupta again about 2 weeks after your operation
    • You will be in a collar and cuff sling as required
    • You should complete rehab with a Physiotherapist following Dr Gupta’s AC Joint Stabilisation Protocol
    • You will see Dr Gupta again about 3 months after your operation

    Dr Gupta has a proven track record of successful surgical outcome and will talk to you further about your condition at your initial consultation. To book an appointment with Dr Gupta, call 02 9687 8344 or make a priority booking online here.

    Dr Manish Gupta | MBBS FRACS FAOrthoA

    Dr Manish Gupta | MBBS FRACS FAOrthoA

    Dr Manish Gupta is a renowned expert surgeon in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery specialising in Upper Limb including Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist.

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